She really hated the strict look on customs officers' faces when they watched the crowd passing through the green channel.

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At the age of twenty-one Tara was a stunningly beautiful woman.

She could easily play with her appearance, pretending to be any age from fifteen to thirty.

But once the courier's lesbian lover becomes a bargaining chip, how much longer can the poor girl hold out?

Warning: this relentless tale pulls no punches and could well be the most brutal story you have ever read. The girl watched in silence as her plane descended over Miami and approached the airstrip.

She had the privilege to travel on business class so the eight hour flight was really comfortable, but unfortunately not too relaxing. She was excited, and with every minute the landing got closer, Tara felt her heartbeat quicken.

During the rest of the long flight she could divert her thoughts by watching some silly movies about vampires and pajama-wearing superheroes.

Synopsis: Tara, a ravishing, blonde drug courier working for a Miami mob boss is captured by a rival syndicate and finds herself being interrogated by Alexandra Huang and her deviant henchmen.

As the infamous Dragon Lady uses an ever escalating series of tortures to loosen her victim's tongue, Tara valiantly struggles to resist.

Tara's already ample breasts felt twice as heavy after the routine operation in Rio de Janeiro.

She was told that a half kilo of clean substance could be transported in both tits once it had been dissolved in the gel.

Her thighs were luscious and her bottom was round and firm. Running and dancing were part of Tara's daily schedule, and for a lady whose life was organized around showing off her body, keeping herself in shape was essential.