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Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last, They Rot in Middle Management.

This course is limited to 100 students to insure maximum attention from the instructor and maximum benefit for each student.——————————————————————————–All The Way In Lessons——————————————————————————– Lesson 1: Why Women and Men Tend to be Equally Bad at Intimacy, and Why the Health of Your Relationship Is In Your Hands Lesson 2: Why You and Your Partner Worked Together to Create the Relationship You Have Lesson 3: Turn Your Relationship into a Powerful Personal Growth Machine Lesson 4: The “Ascertainer:” How to Become the Kind of Man You And Your Partner Both Want You to Be Lesson 5: Masculine and Feminine: Or, Why do Women do That?

Lesson 6: From Salsa to the Dog Whisperer: How to Set the Tone and Take the Lead With Integrity and Love Lesson 7: Love Your Partner Enough to Not Let Her Treat You Badly Lesson 8: Transform your Sex life in 24 hours or less by following Three Simple Rules——————————————————————————–Bonus Material——————————————————————————– Free Webinar – “What Does it Mean to Set the Tone and Take the Lead? Every week during the class you will be able to download a written PDF lesson with lecture and homework assignments.

Glover presents a radical paradigm in which men are encouraged to take an active leadership role in their relationship by becoming more conscious, honest, and transparent.

In other words, this class is aimed at showing men how to show up and take responsibility for creating a great relationship.

You can work at your own pace and log into the class forum and read and post any time. It will probably take from about 90 minutes to two hours every week for actual class participation.

You get to decide how much time you will spend applying the principles of All The Way In in your intimate relationship.——————————————————————————–Q.

NMMNG Coach/Therapist Certification in Puerto Vallarta, MX. Dating Essentials for Men: Mastering Your Mind (MYM - B) 4 March: 4 Week Online Course.

Robert Glover – All The Way In – Relationship Essentials for Men 8-Week Online Course Instructor, Dr. By becoming more present and conscious in their intimate relationship, men can act with love and integrity in setting a tone that promotes open communication, problem resolution, reciprocity, trust, and sexual passion.

You know your Nice Guy traits are contributing the difficulties you are having.