It’s all owed to his dad penning a famous Christmas hit in the ‘50s; its rolling snowball of royalties ensuring that Hugh – sorry, Will – can live comfortably without ever having to lift a finger.

Lewie’s hit makes him just over £120,000 a year, which the 69-year-old rakes in all for himself, since he wrote the lyrics, melody and backing instrumentation.”‘Stop The Cavalry’ constitutes 50 per cent of my real income,” he says. I write the lyrics and the melody, so that’s all of the publishing.

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His position went unchallenged for 700 years until the proliferation of pipe organs in churches and a misreading of a line in the Divine Office pushed Gregory into the background and advanced St.

Cecilia (3rd century; feast day November 22) as the patron of all things musical.

According to Platten, from that moment on she knew she had to pursue music full-time.

Platten graduated from Trinity College with a degree in international relations in 2003.

As a part of a study abroad program, she went to Trinidad to do an internship at a diplomat's office and at a record label.

While she was there, she sang backup for a friend's band in front of over 80,000 people at the International Soca Monarch finals in 2002.The scene describes Cecilia’s wedding banquet: while the musicians played bawdy songs, Cecilia sang in her heart hymns to Christ, her heavenly bridegroom.Apparently readers in the 14th century read cantantibus organis as “the organ was playing” and interpreted the rest of the phrase to mean that Cecilia herself was the organist. She had made a vow to remain a virgin, but her parents insisted that Cecilia marry.The image of a beautiful young woman seated at a pipe organ singing sweetly to God captured the popular imagination of the faithful in a way that St. Although they were Christians, they chose a pagan named Valerian as Cecilia’s husband.On the wedding night Cecilia explained to Valerian that she had promised God to remain a virgin, that she had been forced into marriage.The line that caused the shift is found in the Office for the feast of St.