This film presents the painful reality of those who have to struggle with mental disease every day.

Of course the location stuff is a coincidence, as there was nothing in the questionnaire about previous locations, etc. We chatted away then we talked about circumstances currently.

I wrongly guessed her age and it turned out we were quite distant on age and places in our lives. It was clear the algorithm did work but only on the matching part, but did not factor in all the other things like looks, circumstance, desires, etc. End of the night, she left and we said goodbye while a bunch of us went to the Yorkshire Grey pub (George would be so proud) to discuss and carry on into the night.

Hence the afternoon-evening of Horizon dating (I’m sure this will change). We were divided into 4 groups using colour wrist bands, then did some rough speed dating (I say rough because it there was no real flow, no direction and we were kind of left to get on with it, with the occasional call to change). Hannah seemed confident it might actually work beyond this stage.

There was another test but to be honest, I got pulled away to do some stuff in a back room to the waiting camera about online dating.

It was a warm night, so we sat outside on the benches, telling dating stories to each other. Everybody I spoke to had a good time they also had some good and bad stories about dating in recent times. Some numbers were exchanged but to be honest I think there will be maybe one or two who actually carry it further than a date or two (which still means Hannah’s algorithm would beat the year of making love! My match I’m unlikely to meet again, we didn’t swap anything and the pleasantries at the end of the night said it all.

The initial excitement just seemed to break down once we discovered the difference in lifestyle, age and place in life.

This documentary tells the story of an unbelievable occurrence that has been going on for about a century or so.

The village of Jharia in India is located right on a coalfield where an underground fire started in 1916— a hundred years ago, and hasn’t stopped burning yet.

I heard Xander is going on 3 dates today (day after the experiment).

With the algorithm, she (Hannah) needed a large pool of people to match him with but also she wanted to see if it worked for other people. The results were actually quite good and seemed to go with the algorithm and the priming of what were somewhat told.

After some finger food and lots of chatting with various people, the results were announced to the room.