Also, if we're at my place he's the one who has to get dressed and go home.

Carrying a toothbrush and a spare pair of panties in my purse might seem to contradict that rule, but it's even more important for a girl to be prepared.

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I got into the car, noting that his eyes were on my legs as I settled into the soft leather seat.

I have practiced getting into and out of cars to afford just the right glimpse of thigh, and I could tell by his smile that he enjoyed the view.

I'd come home without panties for him, and I might even let him go in bareback, but I couldn't go without brushing my teeth. I spent several hundred dollars and hours of time getting it just right.

What if Angelina was with him and suggested a threesome? I want his memories of me to be well lit, not illuminated by harsh bulbs or his flickering TV screen.

I doubt that the wolf kisses the lamb like he kissed me anyway. I groaned in pleasure as he nibbled and licked at me, his tongue and lips moving along the freshly waxed outer lips, grazing at the landing strip my bikini waxer had expertly shaped into a heart, the bottom tip of which was just above my clitoral hood.

As it happened he didn't need any help finding my clit.

One of my rules is to never go to his place the first time.

I used to have a rule that I never put out on a first date, but after violating it for the umpteenth time I decided to drop that one. Not that nothing could go wrong there, of course, but my neighbors are pretty nosy so I think they'd probably come investigate if I yelled really loud.

Nobody hangs a Rembrandt on the wall and lights it with a 60 watt bulb. Their best laid schemes aside, what they are best at is ruining my best laid schemes.

It had been a terrific date, dinner, dancing, drinks and soft sweet jazz at Dante's.

When he got out and opened my door I began to wonder if he expected me to take a cab home from there.