In this partnership, TODAY is responsible for providing qualified English teachers for Teaching English in Vietnam and high-quality English courses to young students and adult learners.

Based on the high demand for qualified teachers, we are actively seeking for professional and experienced native-English speaking instructors.

After we received your deposit or full payment, we will issue our service voucher and send to you by e-mail or fax together with our invoice or receipt of your payment.

Tay Ninh hotels map is available on the target page linked above.

Tapioca starch being packaged at the Tây Ninh Tapioca Joint Stock Company.

Smugglers often use ingenious methods to hide the tobacco, scattering it at many places or storing some 15 to 20 packs in each person’s house.

Tobacco is not kept indoors for a long time, usually about an hour, and is then transported by motorcycles, cars or boats with the assistance of locals along the border.

The transportation, storage and trade of smuggled cigarettes have, however, become more elaborate and smugglers have started using more complicated tactics, making it harder for authorised agencies to detect the illegal activities.

Smugglers use motorcycles, motorboats and high-speed cars to transport large shipments.

Preventive measures have also been implemented, focusing on ensuring that locals do not lend a hand to smugglers, by increasing information dissemination to raise awareness and by working with local authorities to create jobs so that they do not need to assist in smuggling activities, he said.

Southern localities are considered the smuggling hub of the country.

is a language school located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

TODAY frequently launches English courses with a variety of programs and levels at our center and other universities, colleges, schools, kindergartens, companies etc.

One day trip to see the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, an incredible underground network of passages constructed by the Vietnamese fighters during the long struggle for independence; the ornate temple of Cao Dai, and attend the fantastic mid-day service when the followers fill the hall wearing colored robes, a symbol of the curious combination of the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.