Some numbers: In the last decade the system has been upgraded.

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The Dutch railway system is said to be the most heavily used system in Europe, and third in the world (source wikipedia, not sure which would be first and second).

Its usage much resembles the use of the highway network (about which there is an extensive thread on this forum): very heavy use, and an messy mix of local, regional and longer distance travelers.

Installing latest audio driver halfed the effect, but it still exists.

And there was a word about eax5, but I never saw that thing, except for laptop manual, any idea if it acutaly works?

To give you an idea of the intensity of use of the system: The High Speed Trains still run slow on the regular Dutch tracks.

But that will change (at least for the ones to the south) once the HSL is finished.On many tracks they start ****ting, as if you are trying to max bass ina cheap 4$ genius speakers. Verry dissapointing, but I had no such problems at lenovo g570 at any volume.Also noticed some lag thing using dpc latency chekcer, it happens when you use skype or teamspeak or whatever voip program.Though it's not a very large trainstation, it is one of the most important in the Netherlands, it has 7 (future 8) radiating railway lines, though the importance of the railway yard is diminishing.There are plans to rehabilitate the whole area called "Spoorzone", or "railway zone" in English.The problem is, my g74sx runs only for 80 minutes without load.